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Dried Chicken Capsules & Pearls Capsules

Modern people add a good helper nutrition

1: pure pearl from the whole grinding.

SGS test, no heavy metal residues.

2: no heating, two equal to a pack of chicken

Extract the essence of health without burden

Carefully selected , we bring the best to you嚴選商品

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  • 滴雞精膠囊X2+千琦珍珠粉膠囊X2
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Commodity effects may vary due to individual physical fitness and maintenance methods!

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Name: Qianqi pearl powder capsule

Ingredients: pure pearl

Capsule Ingredients: gelatin, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide, pure water


Specifications: 60 pcs / box

Suggested dosage: 2 per day, after meals

Preservation conditions: Please store in a cool dry and young children can not take place.

Shelf life: three years

Expiry date: Please refer to the description of the package (month / day / year of the year)

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Factory registration certificate number: 99-657866-02


1. This product is natural materials as raw materials, the color difference is natural now

  Please feel free to use

2. Please do not hesitate to contact the professional physician

Nutrition Labeling

Each volume of 2

This package contains 30 parts

 Each daily reference value


Calorie 0.2 kcal 0%

Protein 0gg 0%

Fat 0g 0%

  Saturated Fat 0g 0%

  Trans fat 0 grams ※

Carbohydrate 0g 0%

  Sugar 0 grams ※

Sodium 2 mg 0%

Calcium 414 mg 34.5%

Iron 0.3 mg 2%

Manganese 0.6 mg ※

※ reference value is not set

Daily reference value: calorie 2000 kcal, 60 grams of protein,

Fat 60 grams, saturated fat 18 grams, carbohydrates

300 grams, sodium 2000 mg, calcium 1200 mg, iron 15 mg

Name: Distilled Chicken Essence (Capsule Food)

Applicable to: growth and development of children; need to add nutrition pregnant Mommy postpartum, postoperative

Of the health conditioning; disease, physical weakness of the nutritional supplement; to provide busy, work fatigue

Energy supply.

Ingredients: Chicken powder (chicken extract, natural non-chemical), taurine, L-α amine isovaleric acid, L-leucine ionase, arginine astragalus, DL-alpha acid, vitamin B1 , Vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid

Capsule Ingredients: gelatin, pure water, yellow four, red six, titanium dioxide

Specifications: 60 packs / box.

Edible: 1 day 1, 2 times, before breakfast fasting consumption

Country of Origin: Taiwan

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  • 滴雞精膠囊X2+千琦珍珠粉膠囊X2

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