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【Dyson】Pure Hot+Cool 3-in-1 Cool Air Purifier HP00 (Silver White)
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360 degree filter to purify indoor air

Purify, cool breeze, cycle once

Combat air pollution purification PM2.5 and allergens

More than three times more activated carbon to capture harmful particles

Carefully selected , we bring the best to youproduct

Product Number 19P110418372527
Payment method Online Credit Card / PAYPAL /Online Payment(MY/SG)
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  • Pure Hot+Cool 3-in-1 Cool Air Purifier HP00 (Silver White)
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Commodity effects may vary due to individual physical fitness and maintenance methods!

Specifications and packagingExpandZoom up

Brand Name: dyson Dyson

Type: 110V general plug type household type

Applicable to: 7 ping ~ 9 ping

Performance: 100-200

Product specifications:

Brand Dyson

Brand country

Name "Dyson Pure Hot + Cool

Three-in-one cool air purifier "

Model Dyson HP04

Color white silver

International barcode 5025155038857

Country of manufacture Malaysia

Warranty period

Product Size (mm) 764mm x 130mm x 205mm (HxDxW)

Package size (mm) 958mm x 280mm x 280mm (HxDxW)

Product net weight (kg) 8.7 kg

Product gross weight (kg) 5.61 kg

Recommended price (tax included) $26,900

Accessories remote control


Power supply 110V 50 Hz

Information function table (timely LCD display screen) "PM2.5 concentration / PM10 concentration / VOC concentration / NO2 pollution level

AQI air quality / + B18: C32 temperature / humidity / filter life / Wi-Fi connection status"

Built-in smart sensor Humidity and temperature sensor / ultra-fine particle sensor / volatile organic compound gas sensor

Minimum / Maximum Power Consumption (W/H) Cool Air 44W (Wait for Ruby)

Warm air 1320W (Wait for Ruby)

Clean mode fan mode / diffusion mode

Filter HEPA filter / activated carbon filter

Internet connection Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Maximum airflow up to (liters per second) 290 liters per second

Minimum / Maximum Power Consumption (w) 6 / 40 W

Swing angle from 0 to 350 degrees

Wire length 1846 mm

Air purification capacity can purify about 4 ping space (closed space) in 22 minutes

Airflow speed 1-10

Night mode Wind speed below 4, and reduce the brightness of the display

Timing interval "15m, 30m, 45m,

1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 4hr, 5hr, 6hr, 7hr, 8hr, 9hr"

Temperature control Accurate control of heating from 1° to 37° Celsius


Dyson Link app

Monitoring can monitor indoor and outdoor air quality

Remote control can automatically respond or use wireless remote control

Return to your usage and air quality records

Provide download platform IOS/Android

BSMI license number R31692

NCC Font Size: CCAO18LP0070T0

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Credit card installment

  • 3Issue0Interest rate, issue6,296yuan
  • 6Issue0Interest rate, issue3,148yuan
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  • 【Dyson】Pure Hot+Cool 3-in-1 Cool Air Purifier HP00 (Silver White) 18,888
  • Pure Hot+Cool 3-in-1 Cool Air Purifier HP00 (Silver White)

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