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【Dyson】V4 Digital Fluffy Cylindrical Vacuum Cleaner CY29
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Tumbler Technology Home cleaning is more convenient

Automatically correct technology, save time and effort

The suction is the strongest, except for the dead ends

Comes with a main suction head for hard floors.

Carefully selected , we bring the best to youproduct

Product Number 19P110418591514
Payment method Online Credit Card / PAYPAL /Online Payment(MY/SG)
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  • Cylindrical Vacuum Cleaner CY29
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Commodity effects may vary due to individual physical fitness and maintenance methods!

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Brand Name: dyson Dyson

Type: Upright wired medical grade HEPA filter

Weight: 3.1kg~5kg

Applicable to: wood wood floor dark floor is not limited to steel stone mattress marble tile laminate flooring

Function: 71-80dB

Warranty period: 5 year warranty period

Hang Lung line full machine warranty: cylinder type warranty for 5 years, hand-held warranty for 2 years, fanless fan for 2 years, except for business use, if you need maintenance or warranty, please go to work on weekdays and Fridays. 9:00?17:30 call customer service hotline: 0800-251209 will have someone to serve you

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

-Used in an irregular home place

- use and maintenance negligence, abuse, neglect, careless operation, damage and failure

-Use this product in the environment of gravel, ash and stucco

- Self-installation error

- Perform repairs or modifications to units not authorized by Dyson

- Use non-Dyson original parts and accessories

- Parts not assembled or installed according to the instruction manual

- Damage and malfunction caused by human accidents

Product specifications:

Brand Dyson

Brand country

Product Name "Dyson v4 digital Fluffy

Cylinder vacuum cleaner"

Model Dyson v4 digital Fluffy

Color pink

Country of manufacture Malaysia

Guarantee period of five years

Product size (mm) 264X304X229

Packing size (mm) 375X604X324

Product size with hard tube and hose (mm)

Product net weight (g) host 3.198kg

Product gross weight (g) 9.21kg

Recommended price (tax included) $29,500

Commodity purchase price (untaxed)


Power supply 110V / 60Hz

Power consumption 1200w

Main tip soft carbon fiber roller tip

Hard tube features Length of hard tube can be adjusted according to demand

Wire length 5m

Dust collection capacity 0.51L


1) Soft carbon fiber drum tip

2) 2-in-1 combined tip

3) Mattress tip

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Credit card installment

  • 3Issue0Interest rate, issue7,963yuan
  • 6Issue0Interest rate, issue3,981yuan
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  • 【Dyson】V4 Digital Fluffy Cylindrical Vacuum Cleaner CY29 23,888
  • Cylindrical Vacuum Cleaner CY29

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