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  • 【Rimowa】Classic Check-In M 26 suitcase

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【Rimowa】Classic Check-In M 26 suitcase
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Guaranteed authentic, direct mail input

Luggage industry LV, Germany century craft

Classic 100% design inspiration

With handmade leather handle retro nostalgia

Lightweight, shockproof and drop resistant

Carefully selected , we bring the best to youproduct

Product Number 19P111314570992
Payment method Online Credit Card / PAYPAL /Online Payment(MY/SG)
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  • Classic Check-In M 26 suitcase
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Commodity effects may vary due to individual physical fitness and maintenance methods!

Specifications and packagingExpandZoom up

Brand Name: Rimowa

Style: one-piece general

Size: 26 Inches

Material: Aluminum

Warranty period: 5 year warranty period

According to RIMOWA official website

Product specifications

No.: 972.63.00.4

Size: 71.0cm x 47.5cm x 26.0cm

Weight: 5.3 kg

Capacity: 61 liters

Color: silver

Original accessories: GUARANTEE, MANUAL, original stickers, luggage listing

License size: R3B594

Origin: Germany

Commodity Warranty : Global Warranty for Five Years

Precautions :

* Luggage tag, manual, original sticker will be the same as the original guarantee. After ten days of appreciating period, the manufacturer will send it on behalf of the manufacturer. Please pay attention, thank you.

*This product is input in parallel. Because the luggage box needs to be tested, the outer box tape will be unpacked. For non-second-hand goods, please pay attention.

*The color of the product image file will be slightly different depending on the setting of the computer screen. The actual product color will prevail.

*Dimensional measurement is slightly wrong, the label is for reference only, and the actual size is subject to the actual product.

*The original factory box and original packaging are all part of the merchandise, or there are lost, damaged or missing parts, which may be deducted according to the degree of damage to the original reimbursement.

*Because RIMOWA has a number of different manufacturing locations, the actual origin is based on the origin of the box.

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Credit card installment

  • 3Issue0Interest rate, issue12,667yuan
  • 6Issue0Interest rate, issue6,333yuan
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  • 【Rimowa】Classic Check-In M 26 suitcase 38,000
  • Classic Check-In M 26 suitcase

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