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SGS tested, No heavy metals, impurity, and plasticizer.

Using molecular bombardment and low-temperature grinding to protect the precious pearl ingredient.

100% pure pearl (with certificate of origin).

Honored with International ISO Certified Manufacturing Process. It can give skin a natural glow.

Say good-bye to shell powder pretend to be pearl powder and cheap silicone-added pearl powder.

EU patent German manufacturer "Collagen" Type I & III

High concentration extraction formula, with content up to 6000mg

Small peptides of S2000 Dalton, which is readily absorbed by the body.

Halal certified, and won the international ISO product control process

Hydrolyzed collagen, high bio-absorption rate

Carefully selected , we bring the best to youproduct

Product Number 20P021110112083
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Commodity effects may vary due to individual physical fitness and maintenance methods!

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Name: Pearl Powder Capsules
Ingredients: pure pearl
Capsule Ingredients: gelatin, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide, pure water,glycerin
Specifications: 60 pcs / box
Suggested dosage: 2 per day, after meals
Preservation conditions: Please store in a cool dry and young children can not take place.
Shelf life: three years
Expiry date: Please refer to the description of the package (month / day / year of the year)
1. This product is natural materials as raw materials, the color difference is natural now
  Please feel free to use
2. Please do not hesitate to contact the professional physician

Product name: Falaiya Collagen Powder


For maintenance: Once a day, 1 levelled spoon each time

For reinforcement: Twice a day, 1 levelled spoon each time


Collagen (bovine), vitamin C, citrus extract (containing citrus flavonoids)

Storage: Keeping in a dry and cool place where children can’t reach

Expiry date: Printed on the box


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