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Global Pioneer  Patented process of drip chicken essence peptide, Multi-effect protection

Patented BNP bird nest peptide, Completely preserve the precious nutrition of bird's nest

High content of bird's nest acid, supplement core nutrients to maintain health

For beauty care and health a must for beautiful women.

Carefully selected , we bring the best to youproduct

Product Number 20P042309294833
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  • 【Beauty小舖】燕窩滴雞精膠囊組合 (贈滴雞精膠囊X1隨機送)
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Commodity effects may vary due to individual physical fitness and maintenance methods!

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Product Name: Essence of Chicken with Bird's Nest
Edible method: 1 time a day, 2 capsules each time, eat on an empty stomach before breakfast
(do not exceed 2 capsules a day, eating more is not beneficial)
Ingredients: Each capsule contains comprehensive amino acids (arginine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, glycine, histidine,
isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, amphetamine) Acid, proline, threonine, tyrosine, valine, tryptophan),
L-arginine, chicken essence peptide, taurine, lysine, DL-methionine, noni fruit Extract, bird's nest peptide,
vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, folic acid, vitamin B12
Rubber ingredients: edible gelatin, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide, pure water, edible glycerin,
edible red No. 6, edible blue No. 1, edible yellow No. 5
Packing specification: 60 capsules per box
Storage method: Please store in a cool, dry and dark place where children can't get it.
Retention period: 3 years (unopened and under normal storage conditions)

Origin: Taiwan
※This product uses high-purity, highly concentrated raw materials. Please store it at 60 after opening to ensure the best taste.

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  • 【Beauty小舖】燕窩滴雞精膠囊組合 (贈滴雞精膠囊X1隨機送)

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