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We cordially welcome you to Beauty Boutique Health Life Online Store & shopping online! We respect and protect your personal privacy by law. In order for you to shop with confidence and enjoy all the services on this website, and for us to make our privacy policies on collecting, using and protecting your personal information as clearly as possible, we will explain our privacy and security policies as follow:

Member Login/Sign Up

When you browse
 Beauty Boutique Health Life Online Store, you don’t need to give your personal details. But before you make your first purchase, you need to register as a member. Please provide your name, gender, personal ID, address, phone number, cellphone, E-mail and other information. If you are a member already, by using your username and password, you can easily log in and enjoy another great shopping experience.

A reminder: When you register with us, your E-mail will become your username. Please be reminded that your E-mail and your birthday are not allowed to change.

I have agreed to provide my personal information to“Beauty Boutique Health Life” for commercial analyses, customer management, market research, product development or other marketing-oriented purposes, to collect, process and use my personal information in electronic record or other relevant methods of storing, editing, transmitting and filing not limited to time or space, and to provide the above mentioned personal details that I have provided for third parties management and usage on an anonymous basis. I have the rights to look up, request viewing, copies and addition or correction, and demand a termination in the collection, processing or usage and even delete my personal details; even if I do not understand the above-mentioned information, my rights will not be impeded.

Online Activities

When you join our online activities or surveys, please log in with your username and password. Your shopping data and personal details on the Beauty Boutique Health Life official website will not be taken without your agreement.

Online Shopping

When you shop with Beauty Boutique Health Life Online Store, in order to understand the product, or the types and quantities of services, as well as the payee and recipient information, payment methods etc., we need to collect the information such as the product or services (e.g. product name, quantity, sum of money etc.), payee information (e.g. name, E-mail, address, phone number, gender etc.), recipient information (e.g. name, phone number, address, postcode etc.), payment methods and other information for analyses. The information is only meant for internal reviews.


Besides, Beauty Boutique Health Life Online Store keeps your browsing and search records, the server will generate related records automatically, including your IP address, the time of activities, the type of browser, the browsing and look-up records etc. We will mark every user’s browser and conclude the user browser’s webpages. Unless you are willing to provide your personal information, Beauty Boutique Health Life Online Store don’t and can’t interact with you for this information.

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