In order to protect your rights after your custom, please read the following terms and conditions carefully. When you press “I Agree” and confirm checkout, it is regarded that you understand and agree to follow all the terms and conditions:

1. In order to complete the shopping procedure, you must guarantee that all the personal information you provide for our website is genuine. If there are changes, please contact the Customer Services for correction or correct it on the Member Management Interface directly.

2. All the personal details you provide, except for certain delivery and payment information, must be properly protected by our website and not revealed to any third parties.

3. You must keep your account and password safely. Anyone who logs in with your information will be regarded as the account and password holder.

4. In the following situations, our website has the right to review or provide user personal information to authorities, or the third party who can prove that his/her rights have been violated:

※ by law, or orders from the court or other authorities;
※ to meet the articles in these terms and conditions, or when the user violates the terms and conditions;
※ to keep our website system running normally and safely;
※ to protect our website, other users, or other third parties’ legal rights;

5. All the products on our website are provided by third-party manufacturers. The transaction only takes place between the manufacturer and the user. Our website only provides a trading platform and payment mechanism between manufacturers and users.

6. The quality, warranty and after sale services of relevant products and services are the responsibilities of the product’s manufacturer, but our website promises to do our best to help the user resolve issues or disputes derived from the online shopping.

7. Users who use this website to shop agree to buy the product or the service and to follow the terms and conditions. If user information (e.g. address, phone number) changes, users must log in to correct their existing information, and cannot use information discrepancies as a reason to deny their orders or refuse to pay. Our website keeps the right to take your orders or not.

8. All the online purchases must be complied with the electronic shopping records which our website retains. If there are disputes, the electronic shopping records will be identified as standard. Users who notice any incorrect shopping record must contact our Customer Services immediately.

9. Our website can postpone or terminate services in the following conditions; typically, members should be notified before postponement or termination, while emergency situations are excluded:

 1. Our electronic communication equipment under necessary maintenance or construction
 2. Emergency electronic communication equipment malfunction takes place; because our electronic communication services are terminated, it is difficult to provide services; because of natural disasters and other force majeure factors, we cannot provide services.

10. Our website keeps the rights to change these terms and conditions. When we do, the new terms and conditions will be published on our website. We will not notify users individually. Users must agree to and follow the amended articles.

11. Users must agree that all the terms and conditions and all the custom or trading on our website are government by the law of R.O.C. Any disputes that arise from these articles must be under the jurisdiction of Taipei District Court of Taiwan.

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